When you drive an Infiniti, you need to be using high quality parts. Here at Infiniti Parts Net, we understand the importance of OEM. Original Equipment Manufactured parts and accessories are going to be built with your specific make and model in mind. This means they are going to fit correctly and work alongside other parts of your vehicle perfectly. Genuine parts are always ideal for repairs, as they will perform for longer and were quality tested.

Infiniti was created by Nissan back in 1989 as a luxury division of the brand. Infiniti started with two brands - the M30 and Q45. These vehicles both were visually appealing and had high performance standards. They featured impressive suspensions that allowed for good control and handling, and they were equipped with powerful engines. Infiniti was in competition with luxury brands like BMW and Jaguar. In the 2000s, there were some redesigns of the models in the lineup. Cars like the G35 and Q45 allowed Infiniti to remain up there as a leading luxury brand on the market. There are a ton of different models in the lineup. You can find OEM parts and accessories for the one you drive here at Infiniti Parts Net.