Brake Calipers

Brake calipers are among the most vital components of a vehicle's braking system. The role of the calipers is to decelerate the auto's wheels by creating friction with the brake rotors. They fit securely over the brake rotor. If a brake caliper wears out, there are several signs that it needs to be replaced, including fluid leaking. If your brake fluid is leaking, you may see a low brake fluid light lit on your dashboard. Other things you might notice include minimized braking power or unusual sounds when applying the brakes. Occasionally brake calipers can become stuck, which means that the brakes will be slightly applied even if you are not applying pressure to the brake pedal. Driving with a stuck brake caliper can cause damage to your transmission. Damaged brake calipers should be changed out for new OEM parts. Even if only one brake caliper is bad and needs to be replaced, it is recommended to replace them both at once. If you do not replace them both, your vehicle may pull to one side while braking due to the fact that one side brake caliper will be stronger than the other. Here at Infiniti Parts Net, you will find only the best, high quality and genuine OEM calipers for your specific Infiniti vehicle. Check out all of our brake caliper options below!

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