The induction system of your car is extremely vital. It delivers clean air to the engine's combustion chamber and promotes its performance. Once the air enters the chamber, it gets measured to help the car run as efficiently as possible. The car's induction system can become dirty eventually and affect how the air circulates in the engine. This can in turn cause your vehicle to consume more fuel, costing you more money.ÊInduction system components include parts like your air filter, oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, and throttle body. It is therefore necessary to purchase new OEM induction parts if the engine's air flow is affected. If you are noticing poor gas mileage, loss of power, a rough idle, or engine hesitation or stalling, check out the parts of your induction system to make sure that they are functioning properly. Your throttle body can become dirty and clogged over time and may need to be cleaned or replaced. Your air filter is one of the parts that should be regularly replaced anyhow as part of regular maintenance on your vehicle. Here at Infiniti Parts Net we have all of the induction parts that your Infiniti vehicle needs in order to run smoothly. Check out all of our genuine OEM induction system options below!

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