OEM Infiniti Mud Guards

There are always a lot of unknowns present on the road that you might come into contact with. These things have the potential to cause damage to the outside of your Infiniti vehicle. Your tires can cause a lot of debris and dirt to fling up and cause damage to the exterior of your vehicle. You can’t avoid these things most of the time. Often, they are small, but the force from your tires can cause them to fly up and cause your car’s finish to take a beating. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to invest in mud guards for your vehicle. Mud guards are a great accessory that is installed behind your car’s tire to help prevent whatever is on the road from flying up can causing wear and tear. They are easily installed in these areas. You can get different sizes of mud guards depending on your car’s tire sizes and Infiniti model. Make sure you get ones made for your specific car. You can find the best OEM mud guards here on our site.

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Side Trim Panel Retainer Clip
Part Number: 01553-2DR9A
Positions: Left Inner, Left Front, Left Rear, Left Lower, Left Upper, Left Outer, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Lower, Right Upper, Right Outer
Other Names: Trunk Lid Trim Clip, Under Cover Clip, Cowl Grille Clip, Splash Shield Clip, Cover Panel Retainer Clip, Cowl Grille Retainer Clip,... More Names
Replaces: 01553-09321, 01553-09611, 01553-10501, 155309321, 155309611, 155310501, 17572-0B010
Description: 5.0L. Inner. Type 2. Coupe, #1. 2003-04. Coupe, #4. Coupe, #2. 2005-06. 2004-07. Halogen. To 1/03. 3.5L, 3.7L. Front & rear. From 12/95.... More Info
Notes: Included With Bumper Cover. Included With Front Panel. Included With Cover Assembly. Included With Upper Intake Duct. Included With Cowl... More Notes
  • Infiniti:
    • EX35,
    • EX37,
    • FX35,
    • FX37,
    • FX45,
    • FX50,
    • G20,
    • G25,
    • G35,
    • G37,
    • I30,
    • I35,
    • JX35,
    • M35,
    • M35h,
    • M37,
    • M45,
    • M56,
    • Q40,
    • Q45,
    • Q50,
    • Q60,
    • Q70,
    • Q70L,
    • QX30,
    • QX4,
    • QX50,
    • QX56,
    • QX60,
    • QX70,
    • QX80
  • 26 more

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